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Shadeau Breads is the top name in quality breads and pastries in the city of Cincinnati. Many restaurants serve our bread and baked goods. We are friendly and willing to chat you up to decide which is the right bread for your occasion. Grab an extra loaf of multi–grain Sandwich bread, a slice of pound cake and a bearclaw! We also serve French Sumatra coffee.

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Shadeau Breads is open...

Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday Closed

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Shadeau Breads

1336 Main Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202

(513) 665–9270

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About Shadeau Bakery

Bill at work

Shadeau Breads began in 1993. Owner Bill Pritz, sensing a market for a better loaf of bread, opened a store on Main St. selling at first to restaurants and markets and eventually to the general public. Bill nurtured a dream of owning his own bakery for almost twenty years, ever since he first started as a baker’s assistant at the Virginia Bakery in 1975. The experience kindled his interest and he pursued his training at the Dunwoody Technical School in Minneapolis and the New York Restaurant school in NYC. Throughout he worked in bakeries, hotels, and restaurants in the Midwest and the East Coast.

Bill believed if you build it, they will come and took a chance on opening in an inner–city neighborhood called Over–the–Rhine. There he and his hard charging staff of eleven employees focus on manufacturing, packaging, delivering, and selling an astonishing amount and variety of breads and pastries six nights a week. Production starts generally in the early evening and goes well into the “hour of the wolf.”Around 3 a.m., the packing and delivery crew arrives and bags up the still–warm product for over 50 restaurants and stores in the Cincinnati area. By daybreak, the driver is gone on her route and the store is open to the general public. Prices are reasonable and with its reputation for quality and the diverse variety of offerings, people of all stripes come in from near and far. Shadeau is a destination stop.

Shadeau is entering its twentieth year in operation and though it is at this point an established business, Bill is well aware of the challenges to a small operation such as his. He focuses on quality by using pure ingredients, no preservatives and traditional methods. Almost everything is made fresh that day. It is a difficult and challenging business, and Bill believes that without this kind of dedication, bakeries of this sort could not survive.

During the weekdays, sandwiches and soup are available on a limited basis. Saturdays and holidays business shifts into high gear and there is often a line snaking out the door. Bill recommends to the walk–in customer to either come early or place an order. Product left at the end of the day is generally shipped off to soup kitchens so the supply is expected to be scanty by day’s end.

If you are a regular customer, thank you for your support; if you are new, stop on by early — you won’t be disappointed.

Over the Rhine

Over–the–Rhine may be one of the largest historic districts in the country, but what makes this neighborhood a special place are its people, who give life to the brick and mortar, streets and sidewalks.

Walking down North Main Street in Over–the–Rhine, just between Woodward and 14th Street, you will find one of the places that give character to this neighborhood. A morning walk on North Main Street will not complete without the sweet smell of freshly baked pastries, baguettes of Shadeau Breads.

“Taste comes first,” said Bill Pritz, the owner of Shadeau that moved the business to Over–the–Rhine ten years ago. He mentioned that people have heard about Shadeau mostly from word of mouth because of the good taste of its breads and pastries.

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What People are Saying About Shadeau

This tiny little pocket of Over–the–Rhine is really Paris–on–the–Ohio. This is the best bread I’ve had outside of France or Italy. Wonderful, flavorful, carefully crafted loaves of heaven.   And they put it right in OTR and hired neighborhood people to work there. A great story, and a great loaf.

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Folks have been known to line up at dawn just to get a loaf of tangy sourdough or a crusty, chewy baguette from this popular and growing Over–the–Rhine bakery. Although many locals have heard of Shadeau as a supplier of delicious European breads for a number of upscale eateries around town, those in the know make the pilgrimage to its home on Main Street for fresh–from–the–oven loaves. Folks can also stop in at lunchtime on weekdays for a cup of hot soup (two are featured daily) and a hunk of bread for a quick, simple and satisfying meal. A second location in Findlay Market offers the popular ciabatta, focaccia, sourdough, baguettes and European pastries, as well.

Shadeau bakes baguettes of all kind, Challah, whole wheat sandwich bread, danish, and pastries from chocolate pound cake to breakfast scone. At lunch time, Shadeau has a special soup of the day for lunch on the go and the pizza’s are fantastic.

Shadeau has built its own niche. Its costumers are those who prefer unfabricated, handmade, un–frozen, breads and pastries. Shadeau is also famous to local restaurants as they are trying to serve customers with local products. Many restaurants as close as downtown and as far as surrounding suburbs order wholesale from Shadeau.

Every morning, Bill Pritz and his employees are busy preparing the day’s wholesale orders to various restaurants and stores that values fresh handmade bakery, not the frozen ones of the corporate kind. One of those mornings, the already busy street will be blocked by a big truck that supplies the bakery with his main ingredient: flour.

A friendly staff member will greet everyone with a full table of pastries, and shelves full of baguettes, challah, and sandwich breads. Bill’s helpers work to deliver wholesale every morning and to help with the counter especially on Saturday mornings. Findlay Market goers also stop by this store before hopping to the market. “Saturday is our busiest day,” said Bill.

Although the name Shadeau sounds like a French word, there is no literal translation for Shadeau in French. The name Shadeau, originated from the word shadow, has no meaning particularly other than a slang word of shadow. Bill’s idea for the name came when he thought about how he was the shadow of the business. He always comes to bake at night, go home, and come back in the morning to see everything was sold. He is the shadow guy that runs the business.